Feb 262015

This very, very impressive-looking display model was auctioned off way back in 2008:


I much prefer this sort of display to even the most detailed computer rendering printed out onto foam core.  Perhaps as 3D printing gets better & cheaper we’ll see a return to this sort of thing. Imagine if you could print off aluminum & plexi large-size models like this for a few bucks worth of raw materials and electricity…

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  • kbob42

    That is beautiful. It would be neat to be able to make one of those at any time.

    • publiusr

      Make a heck of a liquor decanter or Bong.

  • William Benjamin Abbott IV

    Strongly agree. I’d rather look at a physical object, even with imperfections and compromises. There are entire floors in the Science Museum in London that are devoted to ship models.

  • higgins2k

    Our houses would be COMPLETELY FILLED with models.