Feb 262015

A PDF pieced together from scans found on the Secret Projects forum of Senate testimony on the AIM-95 Agile air-to-air missile. Agile was, as the name might suggest, a close-in “dogfighting” missile, an attempt to incorporate the hard lessons learned by the USAF and USN getting their tails kicked in the skies over Viet Nam by scrappy Russian dogfighters pilots by scrappy Vietnamese pilots. The main advantage that the Agile provided over the Sidewinder was that the infra-red seeker was capable of looking further off boresight… in other words, you didn’t need to point the plane at the enemy before the missile could get a lock-on. While the AIM-95 Agile apparently worked just fine, it was simply cheaper to upgrade the Sidewinder.

The AIM-95 would be steered via vectoring the nozzle rather than aerodynamic control fins. Initial targeting was planned to be done by having a sight integrated into the pilots helmet.. where he looked, the missile looked. The AIM-95 was intended for use by the F-14 and then the F-15 as well, but it never entered service.

The PDF file is HERE.


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  • Red Eagle

    Strange shit a doing on Ceres.

  • SickleCell

    How was it going to steer to follow the target after the solid rocket engine burned out, or was it?

  • The link to the PDF is not working, can you update it?

    • Scottlowther

      Updated, It was a victim of the Great Blog Failure a month or so ago. Find any other links that don’t work, such as images, check for a spurious “blog/” in the web address. simply remove that in the address bar.

      • Thanks Scott. Too bad the chart showing engagement areas isn’t part of the PDF.