Feb 022015

I’ve started posting my diagrams created for APR, USBP, etc. over on “Deviantart.” Unless I get bored and wander away (gosh, what are the chances of *that*), the plan is to eventually post virtually *all* of my diagrams, at a rate of about one a day.

Check it out:


Feel free to tell anyone you care to tell.

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  • Bruce

    I wanted to e-mail you about that website a long time ago but never did.There was a couple
    of their aircraft designs that I wonder if he had made 3 views of them too. There was also
    one of the future or proposed aircraft designs that were on your website that I saw here
    originally and thought it was just another one of his wild designs but some that he has there
    actually existed with the full stories like the XB-70. The design that I am talking about
    though is a future cargo jet that kind of looked like sort of a fish(maybe shark) look to it on the top view and I know
    I saw it on a recent APR blog but don’t know what it is.