Jan 302015

When someone comments on my blog, I’m sent an email notifying me of said comment. Within the email there is a “respond to this email” link that takes me to the blog post to comment on it. Simple and easy, never had a problem. Until just a few minutes ago, when this popped up when I hit the link in the email:



Going into the blog from any other direction than through the email? Worked jsut fine. Spooled up the post, the comment and the response, all without the slightest problem. Only problem seems to be in linked via the notification email. Anyone else encounter this notice when accessing this blog? Anyone have any ideas what, if anything, this means?

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  • Peter Hanely

    There is indeed a problem with the certificate used when serving the blog by https. The warning is a bit overblown, pretty much meaning the the authenticity of the server can not be verified. I’m guessing the blog is hosted by hostcentric.com?

    • Scottlowther

      That is correct. Note: linked straight here from the email this time, no trouble. Shrug.

      • Paul451

        If it happens again, click “Technical Details”. Google the result.

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    I had an Event when I tried to post to that one. I had written it, clicked on the “post” button, and after it posted I was transferred to the previous entry. When I went back to it, I was told my message had not posted. But it had.