Jan 302015

Russia may declare 1990 reunification illegal

Sergei Naryshkin, speaker of Russian parliament’s lower house, on Wednesday ordered legislators to consider an appeal from a Communist Party deputy to denounce the reunification of Germany as an illegal land grab of East Germany by its western neighbour.



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  • becida

    I suspect there are as many nuts in the Russian parliament as there are in congress.

    Not to say there is anything to all of this stuff but…
    https://medium.com/war-is-boring/the-u-s-army-is-sending-more-tanks-to-europe-72478ec2d30e Could be lot’s of reasons to ship tanks back to Europe besides a Russian empire.

    • Egor Petrov

      They regularly create idiotic initiatives and projects. It’s ok.

  • Bruce

    The movie “The Day After”….we might just live to see it for real.

  • Michel Van

    odd, never hear that in German News…
    and So what ?
    the only ones happy with that are the “Links Partei” (Left Party)
    the leftover of East germans Commies 😉
    Mutti (mommy) Merkel will deal with situation…

    I would start worry if Russian lower house denounce the Sale of Alaska to USA…

  • Paul451

    Perhaps someone from Germany should send the Russian parliament an invoice for fifty years of back rent? (Plus damages, natch.)

  • William Magoffin

    Maybe the Romanov Family Association should call up the Kremlin and demand their country back. Seems only fair.

  • se jones

    May not be inconceivable.
    Two excellent pieces on East vs. West Germany recently with stunning graphics (below).

    Putin has two years left to make a major move to test NATO, with two-pronged “insurgency support” actions in Germany and Estonia the most likely. Ob will do nothing of course.

    With the Muslim world expanding to their south, an uneasy alliance with the economic powerhouse China to their South East, a collapsing ethnic Russian population, the only way to bring more Orthodox Christian, ethnic Russians into the fold, is to re-annex European territory to the West.