Jan 282015

Sky Sharks (2017)

A team of Arctic geologists stumble across an abandoned laboratory in which the Nazis developed an incredible and brutal secret weapon during the final months of WW2. Deep in the ice, they accidentally awake a deadly army of flying zombie sharks ridden by genetically mutated, undead super-humans, who are unleashed into the skies, wreaking their bloodthirsty revenge on any aircraft that takes to the air. An elite task force is assembled to take on this deadly threat and stop the Sky Sharks from conquering the air, but as time runs out, the task force realizes they will have to fight fire with fire, and the stage is set for the greatest flying super-mutant zombie shark air battle the world has ever seen…

Sure. Why not.


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  • se jones

    You see what happens when you experiment on critters?

    >>PETA members protest outside the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

    • Scottlowther

      I’ve always wondered. You know how most of these placards are basically just foam core on a stick? Well… why not foam core with a careful application of aluminum foil? Then you can counter-protest from across the street and reflect sunlight (you know… *radiation*) at the PETArds. Get twenty or thirty of your best friends all with reflective placards, and you could really light up their day.

      • se jones

        Yes, as we old Dr. Who watchers are wont to say: “you can do wonders with tinfoil”.

  • Edohiguma

    About time!

  • CaptainNed

    I can see the writers’ meeting now:

    Heavy haze of pot smoke from the communal hookah. In between the Doritos munching, some writer finds a working brain cell, remembers the Anne McCaffrey dragon books (OK, it’s the old crunchy fart and since he brings the pot the young’uns let him stay) and says: ” Zombie Dragonriders On Zombie Sharks”!!!

    The rest of the room high-fives with bromance as the hookah is relit and another case of Doritos is delivered. The next morning the producer whips out a videotape of the writers’ meeting and demands “make me that movie”. That poor hookah should file a relief-from-abuse petition.

    • Rick

      and add a bunch of “Sarah Palin, Americans, conservatives, hurr durr!” that takes up half of the movie.

  • Jason Miller

    Someone at the SyFy Channel is going to get fired for not thinking of this first.

    • Tango_Charlie

      What I can’t find out is if it’s by “The Asylum”, AKA the production studio that makes the syfy movies.

      • Scottlowther

        Nope. It’s a German film.

  • Bob

    Its about time someone made a documentary about this.

  • xvdougl

    Well the F-15 had a good run being undefeated in air to air engagements. I guess there is little shame going down in flames to a sky shark (lower left of the poster). At least it wasn’t an ill tempered sea bass.

    • Cthell

      kind of embarassing that it’s faring less well than an A-6 some nutter fitted with afterburners though…

  • sferrin

    But do these sharks have frickin’ lasers?