Jan 272015

*THIS.* This right here. This is why once I have officially adopted a cat, they become full-time indoor cats.

Yes, the cat cheats death. But not without cost. So… be warned.

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  • Paul451

    once I have officially adopted a cat, they become full-time indoor cats.

    Not being a cat owner; how long does it take an outside cat to adapt to being a full-time indoor cat?

    • Scottlowther

      It’s a spectrum starting at “instantly” and stretching to “never.” Some are thrilled to not be cold, wet, afraid and hungry. But they nevertheless spend half the day in the window.

    • Chris Jones

      I have adopted two strays who appeared outside our house (actually, one strolled in, obviously pregnant, and settled right in), and they both seemed very happy to stay indoors from the get-go. I wouldn’t try it with a feral cat, who I believe wouldn’t let me try (friends’ experience leads me to think they accept food outdoors, and will socialize with house cats who are allowed outdoors, but would not let me touch them). It’s admittedly a small sample size (oh, I also gave away another cat who got dumped on my street because we had a cat who wanted to be an only cat, and she was very happy inside, but I wouldn’t call her an outdoor cat but a throw-away).

    • sferrin

      I adopted mine as a very young stray kitten (mom left it on our porch obviously sick- parasites). Got him some medicine and fixed him up. In a matter of a few days he was a bright-eyed little critter. We keep him in at night but let him out after work and if I’m still in bed after 5:00 am on the weekend I get chewed on until I let him out. I don’t imagine he’d ever be happy locked in 24/7.

  • xvdougl

    I hope he doesn’t go ‘Pet Sematary’ on the owner.