Dec 312014

Fiction writing is something I enjoy, but since it is an extravagant expenditure of time with zero financial remuneration, it’s not something I can generally justify. Time spent had best be spent on things that have a hope in hell of making me a dime.

That said… back sometime in November a friend suggested that rather than buying a Christmas gift I make something. So… what the hell, I spent some time banging away on ye olde word processor and cranked out about 85 pages of fiction. It’s not really a story,  but rather a “guidebook” to the universe of “Mass Disappearance:” the history, technology, worlds, species, etc.  It’s a mess of course and as gifts go probably a pretty poor one, but at least it showed that on occasion I can still spit out some creative writing.

Three bit of scribblings I started a while back remain unfinished.

1) The next yarn in the “Mass Disappearance” line.

2) The “Mockingbird” short story that grew rather longer than expected

3) “Pax Orionis

So… is there interest in any of these? If so, let me know.

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  • DC

    Would like more on the Pax Orionis

  • Knigh26

    It sounds like you basically wrote a story bible, not a bad idea in order to keep everything in the universe tracking. TV series, movies, book series, etc.., usually have one, especially if there are multiple writers. I will give the stories a once over later, but I’ve seen real potential in the stuff you’ve put out before. Also, if you want some good crits, for free, you just have to join in and crit other peoples stuff. check out: It’s a new OWW and free for now as it is in beta. I just joined up, still with the SFF OWW, but this one works in teams more. Going to give it a try.

    • Scottlowther

      > you basically wrote a story bible

      Yup. As you say, it’s to keep things internally consistent. While a lot of the technology in that fictional world is essentially magic, if it’s not magic constrained by well-defined rules, then it’s just fantastical crap.

  • Scottlowther

    One whole vote, huh…

  • I’d buy Pax Orionis in a heartbeat, and there is interest out there, every time I mention it on one of my Orion npp spacecraft posts folks are interested.

  • Scottlowther

    Well, poop. Two whole votes, total. Indicative of there being just not much interest.

    Add it to the list of ways the last few days have been just freakin’ *spectacular.*


  • Phil

    I’d like to see Pax Orionis.

  • Vaughn Patania

    pax orionis