Dec 302014

Set your clocks for about half a million years from now. Might see some spectacular comets.

Solar System Set For Eventual Collision With Stellar Orange Dwarf

Currently 16 light years away, the small star HIP 85605 has a 90% chance of passing within the Oort cloud some 240,000 to 470,000 years from now.

So, y’know, start gettign ready.

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  • se jones

    The New York Times: “Obama signs executive order to save world in 240,000 years: story and analysis on page 2.”

    The Wall Street Journal: “World to end in 240,000 years; market to close early”

    USA Today: “IT’S OVER IN 240,000 YEARS!”

    The Huffington Post: “World to end in 240,000 years; women and minorities hardest hit.”

    Aviation Week & Space Technology: “Orion set to visit Orange Dwarf in 240,000 years: In Orbit by Frank Morring Jr. page 20

    • Scottlowther

      SpaceX internal memo: “Think we can get there in the next fifty years?”

    • sferrin

      Aviation Week & Space Technology: “The F-35 is obviously flawed as it will not be able to save Earth from total destruction when we collide with HIP 85605.” -Bill Sweetman

    • Knigh26

      Google Internal Memo: “Might need to shut down that secret project before it accelerates HIP 85605 towards us any faster. Contact Elon, ask him how the ‘contingency plan’ is coming along, just in case.”

    • Paul451

      And on every site, the same damn ad:

      “This one weird star will kill everyone you know.”

  • B-Sabre