Dec 292014

Still plugging away at this. The forward “Shuttle” is just about done… some tinkering in the bay and with the forward landing gear, and it’ll be there. At 1/200 scale, the landing gear components are really small, so the decision has been made to mold this with the landing gear fixed in the stowed position, tucked up against the main body. It would look spiffy as a stand-alone kit at 1/72 scale, but I doubt there’s a market for that.


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  • Ed

    Is there a market for 3D print on demand?

    Since the STL files exist already, then rather than holding an inventory at fixed scale a vendor could offer to print up an any desired scale and ship (at some premium).

    • Scottlowther

      Shapeways will do that. But the cost is high and the quality – at least so far – looks to truly suck balls. As 3D printers get higher-rez and cheaper, eventually you’ll be able to print off kit parts that actually look like injection-molded kit parts. But that’s a ways off yet.