Dec 272014

French city installs anti-homeless cages around benches

OK, the problem sounds drearily common enough: the French city of Angouleme apparently has trouble with bums clustering in the city center, drunked up, causing a ruckus and camping out on the public benches. This being France, you’d think the local government would take the obvious solution of simply deporting the troublemakers to Algeria or Guiana  Quebec or Belgium or some other French-speaking third-world hellhole. But no, they took the benches and did THIS.

Buh? Wouldn’t it be easier to simply remove the things?

Replace them with these Japanese public park benches… they do their job, but don’t encourage bums camping out on them.



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  • Paul451

    Errr, wouldn’t the cages allow the homeless to climb up on top to sleep? Ie, wouldn’t it only inconvenience people who want to sit?

    It’s actually just turned the seats into a wider, longer and more comfortable platform.

    • publiusr

      If those benches are completely surrounded, one might have to put a quarter in one.
      The fence could keep homeless (and mad dogs) away from folks using the bench.

  • Michel Van

    yes, yes, yes, some one say it: “Belgium… some… French-speaking third-world hellhole”
    that’s absolutely true, here it goes in other extrem
    Here some years ago Homeless attacking people for money, cigarets, drugs or what ever
    So Belgium Federal Police increased there patrol in cities, with group of four officer.
    if they got one during the act, they start to beat up the Bums with nightsticks before arrest.
    after this form of Police interventions in Belgium, the Homeless and Bums stop there attacks.

    Back to France and there Homeless
    With economic catastrophe hitting that Nation
    The numbers of Homeless and slums raised drastic, while the French Government is helpless
    goes local administrator to radical measure, like bulldozing the new slums…
    or like in Angouleme banning the Homeless or make there stay impossible.
    here main reason is that Angouleme has in January the world biggest comics con in World
    with allot journalist and TV Crews coming to town… ehh that full of Homeless ? No Way !

    I afraid that in South France the extrem far right “Front National”
    Thinking about the “Final solution on the Homeless”…

  • Knigh26

    Ah come to picturesque france and enjoy our caged benches, no they won’t interfere with your viewing pleasure.

  • Rick

    there’s more government contract money to be made by installing infrastructure “solutions” that constantly need replacement/repair than a deportation one. As well as more profit since deportation gets expensive and requires more hardware (vehicles, etc.)

    Plus it can be sold as something other than what it is.