Dec 272014

North Korea’s honey trap scheme revealed

So, you’ve invited a Western politician, businessman, journalist to Pyongyang. How to use this circumstance for the greater glory of Dear Leader and Best Korea?

1) Set ’em up with a  local hottie

2) Nine months later, blackmail ’em with “guess what, you have a kid”

3) …

4) Profit!


Honestly… for starters, who the hell would go to North Korea? And if for some reason you did… who the hell wouldn’t be *promptly* paranoid and put off if a naked woman suddenly appeared in their hotel room? It may be straight out of some late-night Skinemax movie… but come *on,*any guy dumb enough to fall for that deserves what he gets.

Sure, we all think it’d be awesome if 1976-era Jenny Agutter or Scarlett Johansson or Kate Upton or Christina Hendricks or even just Random Hot Chick suddenly appeared and took an interest in you. But unless you’re George Clooney or some other feller used to having women just throw themselves at you… I can’t imagine that that situation would be anything other that seriously disconcerting. And under the circumstances, red alert sirens should be blaring on 11.

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  • CaptainNed

    American Werewolf in London Jenny Agutter? Blackmail could never taste so sweet.

    • sferrin

      Logan’s Run Jenny Agutter even better.

  • B-Sabre

    “”The regime mainly targets foreigners who go to Pyongyang and, over time, build up a friendship with the woman who has been assigned to them as a translator or assistant,” Mr Jang said. “But these women are in reality agents of the regime.””

    So it’s not a case of Insta-Hottie, but a woman who has been working with the target for awhile. That’s a little less implausible. The honey trap is an old game, but usually the objective was to get compromising photos with the victim. I’ve never heard of them going as far as having kids before.

    • Scottlowther

      One of the guys claimed he stepped out of the shower to find Random Naked Hottie waiting for him in his hotel room. So at least sometimes Insta-Hottie.

      But even so… you’d think any man with *any* sort of power, wealth or influence would know that he’s a target. Like a guy who has always been poor *and* unsuccessful with the wimmins, wins the Lotto and suddenly he’s got girls who suddenly find him attractive. You’d think he’d know what was actually going on. But… guys is dumb, I suppose.

      Too many people are insufficiently paranoid.

      • publiusr

        I’ve always thought that these tactics are what space advocates need to do.

        Had I been Zubrin, all the money spent playing house on Devon island would have gone to an ABSCAM set up with hidden cameras and private detectives.

        “Triple NASA’s budget, or the wife and the press gets the pictures.

  • Rick

    if one is properly prepared, there’s no way one ends up as a father.

    I’m willing to head over there and keep those eevil hawt women from harming any poor legitimate businessmen.

    Blackmail will look pretty silly after that LOL