Nov 292014

I’ve been rethinking “Interstellar” of late, especially in light of Kip Thorne’s “The Science of Interstellar.” A lot of my science objections were actually explained away in terms that made sense… but only in light of facts that were not presented on screen. The fall past the event horizon? Obvious nonsense, nothing could survive the tidal stresses… till you find out the black hole is a two Hundred MILLION solar mass monster (somewhat counter intuitively, those are safer to approach than itty-bitty one solar mass black holes). Maneuvering in close? Far beyond the delta-V capability of the ship… till its explained that the ship does a slingshot maneuver – offscreen – around a 10,000 solar mass black hole in a convenient orbit around the big one. Stuff like that. Kinda cheating, but I guess it mostly works.

But one thing that still bugs me: once again, spaceflight is depicted as depressing, and the reason for the spaceflight is depicted as depressing. It’s not as uplifting as it should be. Once again, the movies let me down.

And then…

[vimeo 108650530]

Holy crap. Ho. Lee. CRAAAAAAAP. Someone get this guy $150 million to flesh this out into a three-hour epic NOW.

The basejumpers of Miranda? The folks walking across Europa? Floating through the rings of Saturn? The Saturnian airship? Long forgotten goosebumps came back to life.



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  • Nick P.

    That was…freaking amazing.

    Probably the best 3-&-a-half minutes of SPAAAACCCEEE I’ve seen depicted in a very long time.

    I’d totally be behind chucking all the moneys at this guy.

  • Macguffin

    sigh…guess I’m one of the few whose insanely in love with interstellar, oh well.
    Though this was amazing, I think it be better as a tv show.

  • se jones

    Yea Verily!

    And David Sander has teaser V up on “Man Conquers Space”.

    • Anonymous

      Huh. The project continues, it looks like.
      Still, I prefer this teaser from 2007, when I was still heavily involved in the project:

      • se jones

        >>Still, I prefer this teaser from 2007

        Oh I agree. Let’s hope he hasn’t gone off the rails.

        Why don’t you drop him a line and ask how things are going? He still lists you as a major contributor.

        Since he started the project, there’s been major leaps in performance of graphics cards and computers, I would guess he’s making the CGI better & better but adding the historical stuff to appeal to a broader audience.

        If I win the lottery, I promise I’ll bring the “Mars ’68”, Grumman Space Shuttle and Boeing 2707-200 to life.

  • Graham1973

    Just watched that 3.5 minutes, wow, just wow…

  • Anonymous

    I really like the way he works in real shots from Mars into the videos…

  • sj

    How about a George Lucas Special Edition version?

    • Anonymous

      Dear Odin, please no.

  • Rick

    Totally agree with you, Scott.

  • Knigh26

    I really enjoyed that little video and Interstellar. In my mind, Interstellar’s biggest flaw is that they didn’t explain the science better, not dwelling on it mind you, but just a few lines here or there explaining more about the blackhole, about how the Ranger’s engines work, just enough to quiet some of the science concerns.

  • Anonymous

    Tears flowing…