Nov 282014

With the unveiling of the teaser trailer today, for a m0vie that won’t be out for more than another year, we get our first look at live-action Star Wars footage in more than thirty years:

[youtube OMOVFvcNfvE]

There have been some fan-films over the years (I recall some really big-budget fan-films from ten, fifteen years ago that pretended to be prequels, but they didn’t really work), but it’s nice to see the Real Thing.

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  • Knigh26

    First impressions:

    The bit with the Falcon was cool.

    The bits with the new Storm Troopers showed promise, looked like a can of whoop was about to get opened.

    I definitely called how the new X-wing’s S-foils openned right after the first teaser image of it.

    Overall, nice build up.

    Still hate that X-wing S-foil design, maybe it will grow on me when I see more.

    Really hate that republic pilots helmet, why is it digging into his cheeks like that?

    That speeder thing Daisy Ridley ride, WTF? That is hideous.

    What was the ridiculous looking protocol droid? The head looked like it wasn’t even connected to that ball body.

    Light saber with light saber saber guards? That looks far more dangerous to the wielder than any other saber design yet.

    I will hold out hope that the story is good. The single bit of dialogue has me intrigued, could we be seeing an awakening of multiple new force users, en-mass? That could be interesting.

    • allen

      the s-foils seem to be front-to-back now instead of on top of each’s not a big change but I like it.

      the chunky speeder-bike looks like it used to be part of something larger and was salvaged and re-purposed. this fits with the original tatooine being a scrapyard and a backwater planet.

      • Anonymous

        > re-purposed

        Also note that her goggles are re-purposed from a Stormtrooper helmet.

        Supposedly this *isn’t* Tatooine.

        • allen

          meh. one desert scrapyard looks like another

      • Knigh26

        The problems I have with that S-Foil design are #1 they look spindly, not enough structure along the chord, and that they could twist easily as a result. #2 the S-foils, at least in the old lit separated partially to act a thermal radiators and to give a wider gun spread. While the wider gun spread looks cool, it is actually quite impractical. Having them split mid chord eliminates the thermal radiator idea, and just doesn’t look right. Still it’s better then some of the post X-wing designs that cropped up in the comics.

        • Anonymous

          Let’s face it: Star Wars is one of those things you’re just supposed to look at, turn off the engineering analysis and (hopefully) enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll spend the whole movie going “but…”

          • Knigh26

            While I agree with that, but the nice thing about the Original Trilogy designs always looked solid and while not practical they didn’t look like they were about to fall apart.

          • Anonymous

            Well, I never much cared for TIE fighters… big ol’ solar panels? WTF?

            Of course, with functional and practical AI like they’ve got, the whole notion of a manned space fighter is pretty ridiculous. But it’s cool.

          • Knigh26

            Yeah the solar panels on the TIE never made much sense for power generation, but for thermal radiators for an extremely compact fusion core they make a sort of sense. Then that just begs the question, why doesn’t everything have such radiators? Well if the S-foils are concealing the X-wings radiators, that makes sense, as does opening them in combat, since that is when you will generate the most heat. X-Wing engines being Fusial thrust, which I always interpreted to mean some kind of fusion engine, meant that they vented a lot of heat through the exhaust, but still needed to radiate some away through other means.
            As for non-AI fighters, I would chalk that up to the clone wars. Yes mentioning that makes me shudder as well. I always just figured it was something else they took from Dune, trying to prevent a Butlerian Jihad. That or AI robots in the OT SW were constrained by Asimov’s Laws, denying them the ability to directly engage in combat.

          • Anonymous

            > That or AI robots in the OT SW were constrained by Asimov’s Laws

            That might’ve worked for “Star Wars,” but fell apart by the time of “Empire.” The robot IG-88 was one of the bounty hunters hired by Vader, and is shown to be quite armed.

          • Knigh26

            Yes and No. How are we to know from onscreen evidence that IG-88 wasn’t a cyborg bounty hunter? If we believe the original Clone Wars animation, then IG-88 was a leftover battledroid from the Clone Wars, perhaps one that slipped through the cracks and for some reason wasn’t reprogrammed not to kill. Even then, who is to say that IG-88 did kill? Vader wanted Solo and company alive to lure in Luke, would you hire a killer android to do that, or one that would capture only, and not be able to kill?

          • Anonymous

            Given that Vader had to make it terribly clear “*NO* disintegrations,” and Fetts apparent disappointment with that limitation, it seems pretty likely that bounty hunters as a whole were more than happy to kill.

            The “Expanded Universe” stuff has some backstory on IG-88 as being part of a droid conspiracy to wipe out all organic life, but that’s all non-canon.

            And as for a general disapproval of the idea of an AI spacefighter… keep in mind that Luke fired two proton torpedos that were clearly self-guided munitions…they turned themselves into the vent and made their way to the central reactor. This wouldn’t require a sentient AI, but it would require some measure of intelligence… just as a modern autonomous UCAV would require some native intelligence. A robot spacefighter would similarly need a computer, but it need not be a sentient one and it’d *still* kick an X-Wings ass.

          • Anonymous

            I like the wing assembly myself. The Falcon’s engine seems even thinner, also nice.
            Disney has been a good influence–the new Star destroyer die-cast from the Disney store (that I finaly got) is to die for.

  • Jon Risque

    I like the shockwave rooster tails!

  • Nick P.


    While J. J. Abrams was not and still isn’t my first choice for director I will give credit where due:

    It sure LOOKS like Star Wars.

    Tentatively hopeful.