Nov 282014

Assuming that this analysis is remotely close to accurate, there could be interesting times in Russia.

Is Russia Preparing to Ban Islam?

The argument goes that Russia is working away on banning the hijab because where the hijab goes, sharia law, Muslim supremacism and terrorism go. Further, a ninth century text apparently revered by Sunni Muslims has been banned because it promotes “exclusivity of one of the world’s religions.” And considering that the Koran does as well (and I imagine the Bible does too…), people are wondering how long it’ll be before the Koran is banned in Russia.

I’ll be over here popping some corn.

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  • Michel Van

    To make the matter more interesting
    Saudia Arabia start to dumping Oil on the World market, in order to hit Iran economy.
    But the side effect of this hit Russia also, because cheap Oil for moment …

    Back to topic
    Russia has a very long tradition to fight “Godless” Muslims since 14 century
    like the Tatars, Muslim Mongols, Turks who had living in today Crimea, east Ukraine.

    the Russians just jump back in old habits

  • Anonymous