Oct 312014

This time in Oklahoma. But wait! There’s something a little different this time…

Stillwater man killed in near-beheading; murder charge filed

The killer, one Isaiah Marin, 21, hacked the victim, Jacob Crockett, 19, to death with a sword. Why? Because Crocketts practicing of “witchcraft” conflicted with Marin’s Christian beliefs. That whole “shall not suffer a witch to live” thing, I guess.

Nothing quite so spectacular as blending religious zealotry with drug use and batcrap insanity.

Some photos horked offa Facebook of both the victim and perp:

‘Religious zealot’ Christian student ‘decapitated 19-year-old friend because he thought he practiced witchcraft’

Yeah, yeah, yer not supposed to profile people based on their appearance… but neither one of these guys looked like winners in the game of life.
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  • Rick

    any fun recreational chemicals involved?

    last great story around here had two trailer park buddies methed outta their gourds, one killing and eating the other. IIRC it was because of some witchcraft claim too.

  • TheRequimen

    “I’m so high right now!”

    Marijuana kills!

    • Anonymous

      The perp is described as a “heavy drug user,” but I have doubts that that means pot. Otherwise he’d likely be simply too lethargic to be bothered to chop someone’s head off. And that face sure looks like a Face Of Meth…

      • TheRequimen

        I was joking about the weed. (Harold and Kumar go to White Castle)

        • Anonymous

          Ah. Haven’t seen that. Stoner humor never did it for me.

          • Anonymous

            I think we’re parked.

            Dave’s not here.

  • Anonymous

    Son of a State Trooper huh? I’m surprised there aren’t any indentations from a cruiser’s B pillar on his face.
    Sad to say this–but I don’t think the free world will miss either of them

  • Joe

    So, drugs? Yet his inspiration was it seems religion. Interesting how the media and society treats this crime versus how it treats the shooting in Ottawa.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, interesting, isn’t it that on one hand a story about a single incident that *nobody* on the planet is defending, that there is no movement advocating, is given less press than one incident out of *many* that is just the latest that has been advocated by *numerous* organizations and is supported by hundreds of millions of people.

      Strictly speaking, “Christian beheads a guy because Jesus” should get a lot more press than “ho hum, Surt Worshipper beheads a guy, sun rises, sky blue.”