Oct 302014

A clip has been released that provides some insight into the world of “Interstellar.” It turns out that the minor character who said in early trailers that the world doesn’t need more engineers isn’t just a deluded idiot… he’s a part of (or product of) an Orwellian Big Brother government that is re-writing the history books in order to make the next generation more accepting of lowered horizons.

[youtube U7X1ntOgL70]

I’m thinking Nolan might’ve read “Fallen Angels.”

Note that “more depressing” doesn’t necessarily equate to “less good.” I suspect that, like “Dark Knight Rises” and “The Incredibles,” “Interstellar” might end up being something of a stealthy anti “leftist-war-on-reality” flick.

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  • mzungu

    Hahaha… She sounded like one of my little cousin’s teacher talking about the evils of eating meat. This actually makes me want to see it more.. 😀

  • se jones

    Oh my god. You may be right!
    On the oft-chance it is a stealth poke at the enviro-nut mystic idiot crowd, I have GOT to go see it in The People’s Republic of Boulder instead of the Imax house in Denver.

    • Anonymous

      Keep in mind that Nolans last movie, DKR, was a not-so-subtle poke at the herd mentality of leftist movements like Occupy (even though, IIRC, it was written before Occupy was a serious thing). The heroes in his Batman movies were a few cops, bajillionaires and corporate officers. Not the traditional choice of lefties for heroes.

      So it looks increasingly like “Interstellar” has leftist/fascists as the government badguys dealing with an environmental crisis in the worst way possible… propaganda rather than engineering. This… is not exactly a staggeringly unlikely approach for the FedGuv to take.

      A: “Sir, the scientists tell us that there is too much CO2 being pumped into the air. We’re all gonna cook.”
      B: “Hmmm. Better fire up the spin machine, blame the corporations. Forget about India and China. But send a whole lot of money their way to buy some low power density solar panels.”
      A: “How about our domestic nuclear industry? Should we unleash it?”
      B: “Are you nuts? That’d *solve* the crisis, not prolong it indefinitely. Did you learn *nothing* from FDR’s New Deal? Without his meddling, that Depression would have never become Great.”

      • Anonymous

        Let’s imagine a future where the universe itself was about to end. Now even there, you might say you need engineers–but it might not be so bad to soften the incoming blow–not all that different from Melancholia–THERE’S a depressing movie.

        Something like out of WALL-E–but with no happy ending, with the last human having lived a relatively content life who was just buried by a robot, which just happens to wear out right as the planet dissolves, or what have you.

        It reminds me of the death of Weird Al’s parents. They were rather old, but not in really bad health just as yet–though you knew that was coming. They both passed away in their sleep due to carbon monoxide.

        One parent never grieved for the other. Both had every reason to think they were going to wake up the next day, so there was no dread.

        That is a perfect death.

        The theme of this movie will not really be that political. There will be the don’t piss where you live stuff, and our heroes will ignore the “no engineers needed” mentality and do their best.

        Will it be enough? We will see.

  • se jones

    Some more Matthew McConaughey in space, just to get everyone more pumped up for “Interstellar”!


  • TheRequimen

    It’s sad, but I can see something like this coming about in my lifetime, or my (future) childrens lifetime.

    Totally going to go see this now.

    • Anonymous

      One indication to the traffic that’s expected is that my local theatre will not sell advance tickets for this.

      Guess daughter (stone-cold sci-fi geek) & I will slum it in line. Wife’s at lost cause on these flicks.

  • Bob

    If something can be screwed up Hollyweird will screw it.

  • Ajax


    You mean Republican war on reality right? Because the Republicans are the ones who:

    – deny evolution
    – deny the big bang
    – deny vaccines
    – deny that the universe doesn’t revolve around the earth
    – deny climate change

    And if you think I am wrong, then please go and run for president in the GOP and openly admitting you believe in climate change, evolution, the universe being over 6000 years old and let’s see how far you get

    • Anonymous

      The fact that there are some Republicans who deny some things doesn;t negate the fact that there are a whole lot of lefties who have world views in direct opposition to reality.
      – deny the market
      – deny nuclear power
      – deny Chinese, indian, etc. contribution to climate change
      – deny defensive firearms uses
      – deny vaccines
      – deny the Constitution
      – deny that Guam’s not going to capsize
      – deny that Apollo 11 didn’t land on Mars
      – deny that newage is bullcrap
      – etc.

      • Ajax

        I think we can agree first that two wrongs don’t make a right, and also even taking some of your points into account, one can argue the nature of various forms of economics, but science is a solid law of the universe, we could argue how much or little government would be best for society, but you cannot argue for a gray zone for evolution, it is either real or not

        • Anonymous

          Evolution is, at least from what I’ve seen so far, irrelevant to the discussion of “Interstellar.” If you want popular media that makes fun of creationists, the world is your oyster. if you want popular media that makes fun of common *leftist* idiocies, the pickings are slimmer. Not because leftists have fewer things that they are utterly stupid about, but because most of those in the media seem to be unwilling to show leftism in any light other than positive.

          If you don’t believe me, here;’s a fun little challenge: go through all the political movies and TV shows you can think of that feature politicians of recognizable political parties, and who are either definite good guys or definite bad guys. Add up the Democrat good/bad guys, then do the same for Republicans.

          If you can find more than a handful of Republican heroes in the last 40 years of movies and TV – and I mean heroes while proudly espousing and retaining Republican platforms, not Reps who See The Light and adopt Dem policies – I’d be truly surprised.

          • Anonymous

            Nope, it’s the Republicans that have become the anti-science party. They struggle to cope with 6000 years of not walking with dinosaurs. All that said, I really don’t see any politics in the clip and no reason to make the link.

          • Anonymous

            You’re kinda making my point for me. I said “anti *reality*, not anti *science.* And you back that up by posting a response that doesn’t actually respond to what I wrote, but instead is a response to a comment from another dimension. Unless you’re trying to make the case that the left is anti-reading-comprehension…

            As for the ciip… it seems to be *all* about politics, The Federal government is writing the textbooks, and is re-writing history to suit a political agenda.

          • Anonymous

            As much as I like Bill Maher–the left has its baggage too. Bill Maher and some animal liberationists would imprison more folks than anti-abortionists would.
            Ever during the height of Roe v. Wade, there were never that many abortionists. For every one of them–there are countless animal researchers, clothing stores, food service workers that the Left wants to muck with. I supported both embryonic stem cell research, and animal testing, and would federally fund both.
            That pisses off:
            The religious right
            But to me–that is what really being pro-science is.
            Now I loved FDR. Scott and I would probably disagree a lot over him.
            But do you know what progressivism really was?
            Chop this down, dig that up–dredge this river, drain that swamp.
            Now if you want to stamp out ebola–that is what you will have to do.
            Now I don’t mind paying taxes as much as some do–but let’s face it, it will cost money to develop the world–doing things that aren’t exactly green.
            The anti-GMO folks don’t understand science. Right down from Bill Maher’s studio–you have the La Brea tar pits.
            And Gaia capped them when exactly?
            But if I reported them as BP oil spills, the same folks who pass by them without a moments notice would go stark raving ape shit.
            The Left condemned Bush for wasting resources on a dumb war and tax breaks. (Brownback style).
            And they also said that–because of the waste in money–infrastructure was going to pot–like that bridge that fell in on camera.
            Fair Point.
            Rachel Maddow talked about how were de-paving roads. OK
            But then she talks down the keystone pipeline.
            Well, just where in hell are you going to get the tar needed for asphault?
            Is the problem with Republicans that there are putting too much hydrocarbon tar on the surface–or not enough?
            We aren’t going to solve any of our problems cutting off our opposable thumbs, shooting ourselves in the kneecaps to lose our upright and bipedal stance, or rolling back in the caves with Al Gore or Alley Oop

  • Adam Holtz

    Did anyone catch the guy talking about how they *used* to make MRI machines? This looks to be a truly dystopian future that seeks to eliminate convenient technologies at all costs for the sake of the environment…which is odd considering I saw cars outside the office in the video.

    • Anonymous

      My guess is that the environment has been so thoroughly trashed that the government has decided that high tech is to be largely set aside in favor of devoting effort towards growing crops and the like… “we don’t need TV’s, we need farmers” from the earlier trailer. Yes, it’s stupid; it’s never a wise idea to set aside advancement in favor of maintenance. But it’s *exactly* the sort of thing that a dumbass civilization on it’s way down would do as a cultural freakout.