Oct 302014

Photos of the Athena missile (which is apparently at least partly replica) on display in Green River, Utah. The little remembered Green River Launch Complex was used for test launches, shooting missiles like the Athena and Pershing into White Sands, New Mexico. In the case of the Athena, many of the launches tested subscale advanced re-entry vehicles (nuclear warhead re-entry vehicles, specifically). I’ve posted the full set of 12 full-rez photos for all patrons at the APR Patreon.

WP_20140925_007 WP_20140925_008 WP_20140925_010 WP_20140925_001


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  • Anonymous

    There’s also Hurricane Mesa.


    • Anonymous

      For a second I was hoping the rockets were attached to that truck..

      That Athena looks at home in the neighborhood–just the thing to have kids look at it and wonder.

  • Rick

    hey ya never did reply if you were interested in the replica SUBROC and POLARIS shots I emailed you that I got from Mare Island last summer.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t recall the email, but I’m always interested in such things.