Sep 302014


Patient at Dallas hospital isolated after showing signs of Ebola virus

Patient apparently had travel history in Ebola-land. All other details lacking.



Ebola case is the first diagnosed in the U.S.

A few things:

1) It’s not the first case of Ebola in the US. There was a minor outbreak of Ebola in Reston, VA, in 1989/90, but fortunately while the Reston variant turned Rhesus monkeys into molten puddles of misery, it didn’t really do anything to humans.

2) When the patient flew in from Liberia, he was infected but asymptomatic. He didn’t start showign symptoms for another 4 days or so. The conventional wisdom is that Ebola is not infectious before symptoms emerge. I guess we’ll see…

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  • TheRequimen

    … I am only 114 miles from Dallas. Is it too late for the nuclear option?

  • se jones

    Doomed? Depends if your Ebola is gluten free.