Sep 292014

September 29, 1940, saw an interesting air mishap. Two Avro Ansons (twin engine, low-wing training aircraft) were on a long distance flight over New South Wales in Australia when they collided. The collision was relatively gentle as such things go… they did not hit head-on or T-bone, but instead one came up from under the other and they pancaked. What made it especially interesting was that the aircraft became physically locked together after the impact, making something of a biplane. The engines of the upper aircraft were knocked out, while the lower planes engines were stuck at full power; the lower planes controls were knocked out, while the upper plane maintained control. The pilot and navigator from the lower plane bailed out, as did the upper planes navigator, but the upper planes pilot stayed and managed to bring the conjoined aircraft down to a successful belly landing in a field. The upper aircraft was thus saved, repaired and returned to flight. The lower plane was repaired but not flown again, instead used as a training aid.

Read about it on Wikipedia. Or check HERE for numerous photos.

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