Aug 312014

I had Vegemite once, long ago. I think it was while in college, so that’d be going on a quarter century ago. As memory serves it tasted like salt and sadness, so these reactions seem familiar.

[youtube igeUz4cjB5w]

“It tastes like someone tried to make food and failed horribly.”

“This was strange and horrible.”

“Weird and acidy and gross and makes you want to barf.”


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  • kbob42

    That is similar to the reaction of my soldiers when they found it on an Australian base in Afghanistan. Heck, I love the stuff. When my guys found that out, they made sure to pass it on to me.

  • Herp McDerp

    I tried it when I visited Oz a few years ago. I kind of liked it, and I could see how the taste could grow on you. Oh well, some people don’t like anchovies on their pizzas, either.

    • John Nowak

      Yeah, that was my experience too. I could develop a taste for it, but why bother?

      There was a drink in the buffet in India called “Bitterroot” that I could say the same thing about.

  • se jones

    Waiting for KIDS vs FOOD – CAVIAR.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve come to the conclusion that people eat caviar only because it makes them look posh. I think I’d rather eat Vegemite/Marmite than caviar.

      • Anonymous

        It’s often startling and amazing what people think of as “posh.” Just because it’s rare and hard to come by doesn’t make it better.

        That said, maybe I need to start slipping coffee beans into the cat food…

        • Anonymous

          Well, it’s not as if the Posh ever spend any time evaluating their preferences. All of the other Posh are doing it and if we don’t we’re no longer Posh, so QED.

          I saw that trend around 1978 in high school and have been an implacable opponent ever since, much to my social detriment.

      • se jones

        I actually like caviar with good cheese and crackers.
        It’s an acquired taste.
        But, nothing beats a MRE out in the desert around the campfire.

        Overclocked cats rule.

  • James Vaughan

    We’re happy little Vegemites
    As bright as bright can be.
    We all enjoy our Vegemite
    For breakfast lunch and tea.
    Our mummies say we’re growing stronger
    Each and every week,
    Because we love our vegemite
    We all adore our Vegemite
    It puts a rose on every cheek.

    Sung by ” The Vegemite Twins”