Aug 302014

Refugees protest against ‘monotonous’ Italian food

Several dozen refugees in the Veneto province of Belluno, Italy,  have been protesting the fact that they are being given the food of the land they are currently inhabiting.

Sam, a migrant from Gambia who has been staying at a centre on the outskirts of Rome for almost a year, told The Local that the food, which mainly consists of pasta, “is not good” and that some have started making their own meals.

“We need the diet from our country,” he said.

It seems to me that a solution presents itself. Two solutions, in fact:

1) Go back to “our country.”

2) If you want to stay in Italy, accept that *Italy* is “our country.”

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  • Michel Van

    Also refugees in Belgium, have similar complains
    Belgium fries, not the french one you know in US, i mean BIG Belgium fries !

    Allot of refugees complains on “Diet” of daily fries
    And moslem ones freak out, if they hear that Belgium fries sometimes are boiled in pig fat.

    Sorry but if you come to Belgium, you have to life with the gruesome consequences…

    by the way
    Belgium had hell of refugees problem, up to 3000 wannabe refugees per Day !
    it’s now down to 75 per month, thanks do clever management
    NO Payment, you get food, close, medical treatment and your children education
    NO leave the refugees Center up to a year. They have to eat Belgium food.
    If there demand are refused, back were they came from.
    And Belgium Government put Advertisement in refugees nations

    Explaining the rules those who wanna come to Belgium….

    • Herp McDerp

      And Belgium Government put Advertisement in refugees nations
      Explaining the rules those who wanna come to Belgium….

      What is it that the “refugees” supposedly are fleeing from? Especially if their home countries are sufficiently free that Belgium can run advertisements in the local media …

      How is it that these people can claim “refugee” status? Or are they simply what we in the U.S. would call “illegal aliens”?

      • B-Sabre

        My definition of the difference:
        Refugee: “If I don’t leave right now, I’m going to die.”
        Migrant: “Man, this place sucks. I wonder if it’s better over there.”

    • Robin.

      I could eat those right now…with gravy…

  • Option Three: Open a restaurant to “show them how it’s done” and capitalize on the inferiority of Italian food, or a niche market with a underserviced palate. Option three has the advantage of elevating one from refugee to productive member of the community…and has the potential to make one some money.

    • Anonymous

      You’re suggesting that the refugees actually *work*? What are you, some kinda racist???

    • xvdougl

      Option 4: Become wealthy enough to have meals flown in from whatever shit-hole you came from.

  • Rick

    beggars can be choosers. See “culturally sensitive” meal mandates in food stamp programs.