Aug 292014

OK, this one probably wouldn’t separate people based on personality type, but on age:


And yes, I laughed. And then I felt old. But there’s nothing really new there. Well, except for the laughing.


Who else gets it?

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  • Anonymous


  • Bill H

    The medical version.

  • Occasus

    I get it, and I was born in 1990!

  • RoucheX

    I don’t get it.

  • Stephen Carville

    Boy, George sure does get around.

  • se jones

    Oh geeze, does that bring back memories.

    ’83. Heard that STS-3 was gonna have to land at White Sands, so I grab a couple of mates, camping gear, cheetos & beer and hit the road! Pueblo George sits in the back and swills most of the beer on the way down. Being poor college boys all we have is AM radio or Pueblo George’s non-stop, Jesse Pinkman-ish stream of consciousness – so AM radio it is. EVERY station that wasn’t “worse than death itself country music” was playing “cumma cumma cumma cumma cumma cumma Chameleon” EVERY OTHER song, so as you hopped stations it was constant “cumma cumma cumma cumma cumma cumma Chameleon” ALL THE FRIGGING TIME. Swear to god.
    During the ferocious dust storm that afternoon, once we set up camp, the wind blow the porta-potty over with Pueblo George in it. A real highlight.
    Watching the “routine space machine” drop from the heavens was memorable, but the smell of the blue shit and that damn Boy George song will linger till I kick the bucket.

    I still have gypsum sand in my cassegrain telescope.