Jul 312014

First up: a retired A-10 Warthog is being refitted to serve as a tornado chaser:


Second: flooding in Russia takes down a static display Su-15 interceptor:

The Flood Washes Planes Away in Magadan



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  • Randino2001

    Awww…wasn’t that Flagon one that Putin sold to the Iraqi’s?

  • se jones

    They’ll be installing some of our instruments on the A10, hopefully it will spend some time at the nearby Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport with the NCAR fleet in the spring.

    A10 is perfect for some storm chasing, but not all.
    The real crazy guys fly the NCAR glider out of Cloudcroft NM up into thunderheads. When you’re after electric field and droplet charge data, you can’t have an engine or metallic air-frame to mess with the measurements. Hence – it’s crazy glider guy time.
    Here’s a picture of Bill suiting up in his snowmobile gear. It was typically 100+F on the ground and -75 up in a good convective storm. Not a job for sissies.

    • Anonymous

      Talk about all weather capability…

      They should get some fair use of that plane what with the DCVZ:

      • se jones

        Yeah, aviation on the Front Range can be err…challenging.
        Fortunately, being so far inland makes sharknados relatively rare.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, but the hippienados… oy.

          • Anonymous

            That’s the best use of them–as flying windsocks.

            Thankfully, most of what you get there are low-end “landspouts”

            Funnel cloud(s) / Tornado(s) during the preceding hour or at time of observation