Jul 302014

Two passes – Public and Press – for parking to witness the landing of the first Space Shuttle orbital flight, STS-1. The government threat/verbiage on the back is a little creepifyin’ but I’m pretty sure it’s expired by now (probably expired the moment it landed). These passes were scanned at 300 DPI and are presented at Blog-Rez. Higher rez versions are available at the APR blog, and full rez at my Patreon.

shuttlepass1a shuttlepass2a


These passes were obtained via an eBay purchase, and were “extras” to the items I was actually after (detailed large format diagrams of the Shuttle flight instrumentation). This purchase was made possible by my Patreon contributors. So if you like this sort of thing, please consider contributing to my Patreon campaign. Every little bit helps! The full-rez scans are available to all Patreon contributors.



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  • Tim Kyger

    In the Bay Area, during the 1980s, there were lots of possibilities for Shuttle landings at Edwards that we in the local L5 Society chapters would travel down to Mojave to watch. One of our members had a printing press in their basement and we would, um, er, print up a batch of these landing passes from NASA. We’d get one, and then volia! we’d print up about a hundred or so and hand them out.
    I assume that the statute of limitations has run out by now…