Jul 302014

Study Finds That Men Like Nice Women, But Not the Other Way Around


In the war between the Nice Guys and the Bad Boys, the Nice Guys will lose badly on the Attract The Women front. And the Nice Guys will be perpetually stunned by that. But this has been the way of things since we were just jumped-up grassland apes. The ability – and willingness – to swing a club and bring down lunch is simply ingrained into DNA as an attractive feature.

There is of course another option: The Way Of The Asshole. You won’t be any more popular than the Nice Guy, and very possibly less popular… but you’ll be fully cognizant of it, and won’t be surprised. And will feel no compunction to either act surprised or gracious in defeat.


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  • Bob

    This is why I think the 19th Amendment was a bad idea.

  • Joe

    Not sure why you consider yourself a nice guy…

    • Anonymous

      Reading comprehension. Learn it.