Jun 302014

Woo! As it stands now to get the full-rez versions of large format diagrams and brochures costs a mere $5 per month, which gets you two of ’em… meaning that at $2.50 each, that’s less than I normally sell these things for individually. And of course those pledging more than that get more goodies in the form of CAD diagrams.

The next milestone will obviously take it to three uploads a month. Personally I have high hopes that I will eventually get to where I’m doing six uploads a month. That seems about right.

I need to add a Patreon link thingie to the righthand side of the blog. I think I’ll simply replace the “subscribe” button, because let’s face it, that now seems pretty obsolete. How’s about this for the image to go with it:


Too subtle?


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  • kbob42

    Nah, that picture is just about right.

  • Barrington Bond

    Just had a thought – what if your month’s offering is something I already have from your good self? For example documents/diagrams garnered from an expedition I have helped fund.

    • Anonymous

      As far as I’m able, I won’t be retreading stuff I’ve already released. However, if I can make use of something from a prior expedition and add value to it – stuff that was scanned in chunks, and now I’ve stitched it back together and cleaned it up, say – then maybe it might show up. But I’m hoping to avoid that and stick with previously unreleased stuff.

  • Winchell Chung

    That Patreon is something wonderful

  • se jones

    Too subtle? Yes.