Jun 282014

Yay! I’ve gone over the $100 benchmark in my Patreon campaign, so I will be releasing at least one large format image or high-rez scanned aerospace document per month. It’s only a pittance per month to get in on this!

These are vastly-reduced versions of some of the diagrams I may include as rewards for Patreon patronage. Not all are unbuilt aerospace projects, obviously, but all are, I trust, of interest to those interested in aerospace. If interested, please consider joining my Patreon campaign. Also to be provided are PDFs of aerospace documents.

patreonb-45 patreona5 patreona2j patreonxb-70 8engineawacs patreonua-1207 patreonnervadiagram patreonx-15a-3b patreonnervaart patreontacbj-58 patreonbj-58 patreonsuperhustler patreonx-15a-3 patreona-4 patreon2707-200 patreondynasoar patreonatlassiiar patreonhsct patreonarrow patreonx-15i

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