Jun 022014

One out now, one in September:

2001: The Heritage and Legacy of the Space Odyssey

In 2001: The Heritage and Legacy of the Space Odyssey authors Frederick I Ordway III and Robert Godwin take a trip through more than eleven decades of space films. This fascinating study shows just how far 2001: A Space Odyssey pushed the state of the art and how it continues to affect motion pictures today.



The 2001 File: Harry Lange and the Design of the Landmark Science Fiction Film

Harry Lange’s complete archive of the greatest sci-fi film in history.

This magnificent tome is a previously unseen look behind-the- scenes at the making of this most legendary of science fiction classics. Art director Harry Lange’s strikingly realistic designs for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey created an extraordinary vision of the future and they remain the epitome of filmmaking. Lange’s complete archive is explored in this stunning volume, featuring original concept sketches, designs, correspondence and on set photographs.

Released: SEPTEMBER 2014



And I heartily recommend:

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    The first at least is in my price range…it stinks to be poor

  • higgins2k

    What do you recommend? What’s the irrelevant listing? Is there something missing from this posting?

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      Apparently you can’t see the Amazon listings. Can’t say why.