May 312014

A panorama of the B-47 on display at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History down in Albuquerque. Also visible are the museum’s Titan II and Thor.

2014-05-18 nuke pano 06small

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  • se jones

    Did they still have the NTRs on display?

    So, did you feel the weight of history in Los Alamos? Ya make it to the history museum?

    • Anonymous

      > Did they still have the NTRs on display?

      No. I was informed that they, along with a number of other displays I would’ve liked to have gotten to, are still at Kirtland. The museum doesn’t have on-hand everything that the museum actually has.

      I got to the Bradbury, then took the scenic route back to Albuquerque. Some striking views.

      • se jones

        Sorry man. At least one of the NTRs is over at the museum in Las Vegas (NM not Nevada) along with some other good hardware. Next time I’m down there I’ll shoot lots of pics, maybe later this summer with Stacy on the “Four Corners volcano tour”.

        Pity you missed the history museum, it’s just a short walk from Bradbury, but not mission critical I suppose.

        • Anonymous

          > not mission critical

          I restricted the touristing to roadside geology, and then only along the road to and from with minimal diversion.

          What museum in Las Vegas, NM?

          • se jones

            The National Atomic Testing Museum.
            It’s about an hour east of Santa Fe on 85.
            As a bonus, you’d pass by Richard Hoxland’s house near Pecos.

            The loop I laid out for you would have passed on the VLA, but would have been more optimal. Oh well, next time.
            As I said, I may hit the NATM again this summer and take more pictures with the digital camera. Probably too late for your book, but I’ll send anyway.

          • Anonymous

            Errrrmmm… that’s in Nevada, not New Mexico. Paradise, Nevada, right next to Las Vegas, Nevada. Kinda hell and gone from the road from Thatcher to Albuquerque. The VLA was far enough, and was an ill-conceived plan to pass through and continue on my way (didn’t work out that way, but at least I found a roadside nuclear weapon).

          • se jones

            Oh of course, you’re right.

            I got it mixed up with the museum in Alamogordo & the new one in Las Cruses.

            If you’re ever in Roswell, the Robert Goddard collection at their museum is fantastic. Skip the UFO museum crap.


          • Anonymous

            > Oh of course, you’re right.


            One of these days I’d like to get back to Las Cruses/Alamagordo. I’d like to time it so’s I could visit the Trinity site. But I have difficulty seeing how I could do that on a budget or getting paid…