May 312014

No, really. You be the judge. Anybody would be better than the judge in this story:

Cancer patient: ‘If I’m found guilty, I’m a dead man’

Short form: a guy in Long Grove, Iowa, was arrested with 71 marijuana plants. Why did this nefarious villain have this much Evil Weed? Because he has cancer, and the oil he extracts from the plants is apparently all that’s keeping the cancer from eating him alive.

OK, if it’s not bad enough that the police are arresting people for simply having a *plant,* and if it’s not bad enough that they are arresting cancer patients who needs said plant in order to have any sort of quality of life, there’s this to consider:

a Scott County District judge has ruled he won’t allow Mackenzie to use his ailment as a defense.

“I’m not allowed to mention anything,” Mackenzie said Thursday, the day Judge Henry Latham’s ruling was filed. “I’m not allowed to give proof why I was using. Now, there is no fair trial.”

The patient/defendant makes a damned fine point here:

“If I’m to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and the court doesn’t let me tell the truth, they’re making me a liar”

But hey, at least the cops didn’t use a grenade to blow a baby’s face off during the initial raid, so there’s that.

The defendant here looks to be dying. If he’s convicted, he’ll get three years, and he doesn’t expect to survive it. So… why not jump up (as much as he can jump) during testimony, show the jury the bleeding tumors, and explain as quickly as possible just what’s going on? What’s the worst that can be done to him? A contempt citation? Please. If he does that the judge will likely instruct the jury to ignore it. Someone should then blurt out to the jury the concept of “jury nullification.”

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