May 312014

Detroit is coming back! Google Street View lets you check out the same places over a span of years, and the progress has been remarkable. You can check out a number of these fantastic images of progress HERE.

Now who could argue that the policies of Detroits fine leadership over the past few decades has been anything other than inspired?



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  • Anonymous

    And in such a short time too. I did like the graffiti of Snoopy with the MAC-10–there’s your problem

  • Siergen

    How long until the Google Street View cars are too afraid to keep coming back?

    • se jones
      • Anonymous

        I’d, agree, if:
        1) They were made to look like other conventional cars
        2) They were capable of operating underwater
        3) They were programmed to, once stolen, drive into the Detroit River and sit on the bottom for a few days
        4) Then shake themselves out, resurface, and return to a convenient streetcorner.

        It would seem an effective solution to a number of simultaneous problems.

        • You forgot about automatically rolling down the windows two inches when the vehicle enters the water, and locking the doors.

          BTW, got my cyanotypes – thank you! They’ll make great Christmas presents.

  • se jones

    Deforce is a good documentary on this.
    Double whammy for the city, years of good old fashioned Democrat party & big union systematic racism red-lined black neighborhoods so blacks have no “social or financial capital”, then with Colman Young & cronies detroit got hit with 20 years of the “new” Democrat racism of low expectations and liberal excuses for incompetence.