May 302014

It seems the Cold War Gallery at the US Navy Museum has a full-scale reproduction of a Trident warhead on display. It seems a long way to go from rural Utah to get photos of that one thing, but photos of that one thing – especially photos with a good scale reference in frame, and photos taken from “below” to see the aft end of  it – would seem to be potentially very useful.

Ballistic Missile Triggers and MIRV

I don’t know the layout of the place, but what I’d *love* is a photo taken with a long lens as far away as possible while still keeping the warhead large in frame, to get as orthogonal a view as possible. But what would be vital would be photos that give dimension to the thing. Measurements of the *glass* would be handy.

Any help appreciated.

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  • -paul-

    I live about 30 min North of D.C. I may be able to plan a trip there in a few weeks.

    • Anonymous

      Woo! If you could take some photos/measurements while there, it’d be massively helpful. I’ve been trying to find more photos of this display, but that’s the only one I’ve seen so far.