Apr 302014

Recent NASA artwork depicting the Orion space capsule and ESA service module atop a Delta IV derived upper stage.


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  • Michel Van

    it’s nice to see that ATV got a Future after final ATV-005 mission in august 2014
    and the irony, for years the Europeans industry try to use ATV as Service module
    for a European Capsule and Ministers say NO WAY
    now it got a US capsule…

    By the way
    what happen to NASA/ATK/Astrium join venture for Liberty rocket (Ares-1)

    it use Shuttle booster and a Ariane 5 core stage hardware.

    • Anonymous

      There isn’t much ATV in this service module, though. Yes, some components like the solar arrays carry over – but internally it is very different.

    • Anonymous

      They’re waiting to see if Jeb Bush is President–waiting for a return of Mike Griffin. I like the design in that the liberty capsule has a mid body trunk–but that would be more useful atop Falcon Heavy.

  • foobar

    Boy that is ugly. Definitely a horse designed by a committee.

    I read that SLS has some aero shrouds that bear some thrust loads from the capsule; implying that the pictured turkey needs kludges just to hold it together

    • Anonymous

      It’s off the shelf as possible. I actually think it looks better than Apollo. A cone up front a cone in the back, and a simple tube in between. The Pyrios is what I look forward to.
      130 tons to LEO without an upper stage.