Mar 302014


This should be interesting…


Crimean Tatars plan to declare autonomous territory in Crimea



The logic that allowed Crimea to be taken from Ukraine and annexed by Russia allows the Tatars to split from Crimea. Unclear what the Tatar plot of land is, however. It’d be especially entertaining if they got hold of the region around Kerch…

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  • Egor Petrov

    The Russian Federation already has several autonomies. Will be one more.

    • Anonymous

      And when they decide they don’t want to be a part of the Russian Federation, but an independent state? Or re-join Ukraine?

      • Egor Petrov

        They did not decide so. Because even though the ban on religious leaders Tatars went to referendum. Even young people who cites the example of Tatarstan. But even if they decide to be independent in Kerch, Putin buys their religious leaders. Putin rents Kadyrov’s loyalty and purchase of the Crimean Muslims will be much cheaper.

      • Jim R.

        It’ll be funny watching the Tatars vote for their own autonomy… from the gas station (Russia).

        • Anonymous

          About as funny as Chechnya.

          You know, long ago I thought the Chechnyans clearly were in the right. And then… a whole lot of Chechnyans turned into jihadi scumbags, and they burned through my store of sympathy for their cause. It would take someone truly dicktrocious to make me swing back to their cause… and Putin stepped up.

          • Egor Petrov

            Light dictatorship is nothing. Advertising ban homosexuality is completely in the national spirit. Thwarting Demonstrations also garbage. It would be better protesters went to the meeting of tenants. This is the real way to begin to influence the world around us. Separatists must be judged, or kill if they do not surrender. But what pisses me off with Putin, is that he does not want and can not fight corruption.