Mar 072014

Some years back I took this photo out an airplane window. Where is it? Ten bucks of download-credit to whoever comments first with the correct answer *AND* who correctly points out what is in this photo of greatest interest to *me.*


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  • Matt

    Space Camp, which you graduated from back in 1983

    • Anonymous

      Well, crap, that was apparently entirely too easy. You win.

      • Jost Ewert

        What? Are you serious??

        • Anonymous

          Yes. Some reason I shouldn’t be?

          • Jost Ewert

            Sorry, my bad. Googled it and found out the U.S. Space & Rocket Center is also going under Space Camp. Just thought my answer was spot on. Nevermind. 😉

          • Knigh26

            LOL I used to work at SPRocket in the late nineties. I was there working at Aviation Challenge the summer that the fake Saturn V went up.

            Funny thing SPRocket’s original plan was to stand the real Saturn-V back up, but NASA said if they tried they would take it back. Plus the small problem that most of the interstages are now part of the various buildings.

          • Anonymous

            Huntsville is smack in the middle of Dixie Alley “an area more prone to violent, long track tornadoes than most other parts of the US…”

            Those rockets might stand only for a few more years…

  • Jost Ewert

    That’ll be Huntsville, Alabama. And unless you’re into golfing I’d say the point of interest is the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Bingo!

  • nuclearblimp

    I never knew they have had a standing Saturn V mockup since 1999. It isn’t shown on the Wikipedia page.