Feb 282014

It’s raining. Not news… except that my roof seems t have sprung a leak. Spectacularly, it’s now the weekend, so it’ll probably be several days before I can get it fixed. More spectacularly, the forecast is for rain through Tuesday.



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  • Anonymous

    That’s why Lowes sells those really big tarps, ropes & bungee cords. Buckets too.
    Good luck!

    • Anonymous

      I tried the tarp. Sadly, lack of access to the roof – nobody around here has a ladder tall enough to reach – has torpedoed that idea. Even did the “tie a string to an arrow and shoot it over and use that to pull a rope over hauling the tarp” idea, to smashing suck-failure.


    Bottle the water and sell it.

  • xvdougl

    Hang in there Scott it’s gotta get better.

    • Anonymous

      People keep telling me that.