Feb 272014

I printed out what I have on my NPP book, and it consumed pretty much most of a ream of paper (single sided only). A lot of the CAD diagrams haven’t yet been integrated… and a number aren’t done yet, so there’s yet more pages to print. This binder will be used to scribbling purposes… i always seem to be able to find slepping erorrs and the like easier on a written page than on-screen.

Just confirmation that the project remains underway. The final book will be a bit of a beast, especially if printed on good paper at this size or better.

Img_3705 Img_3696 Img_3697 Img_3698 Img_3699 Img_3700 Img_3701 Img_3702 Img_3703 Img_3704

In the master list of diagrams,green means finished, yellow means in progress, red means unstarted.NPP-00001 list-Model NPP-07002 20M-Model NPP-09001 helios-Model NPP-10001-3 daedalus 1st stage-Model NPP-16001-2 interplanetary-Model NPP-40001-2 world ship-ModelNPP-48001 British Rail-Model

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  • RLBH

    Looks awesome… sadly a publisher will probably cut that down by at least two-thirds, then demand you take the equations and most drawings out. Thereby not doing anything to improve its’ mass-market appeal, and annoying those of us die-hards who want the Real Thing.

  • kbob42

    That looks like a really interesting book. I am looking forward to reading it eventually.

  • Herp McDerp

    What the heck is in those last two diagrams?!

    And just because I’m curious, which particular publishers do you plan to pitch this toward?

    • Anonymous

      The Martin/Bond Worldships, and the British Rail “flying saucer.”

      As for publishers… dunno. I don’t imagine there are many who would actually want this book, so it might wind up being self-published in some form. Hideously expensive if so. If I published through Magcloud, the printing cost alone would be on the order of $125.

      • Anonymous

        Publish it and I will come, even at Magcloud prices. The true story of Orion needs to be told once and for all.

      • Anonymous

        The Solem/Medusa concept I was familiar with–not the Rail concept.
        That is the largest (serious) lenticular concept I’ve seen, apart from Bono’s highly notional HLLV saucer over at astronautix.com
        The largest pulse concept was the hemispherical deep space starship many tens of kilometers wide–that going into the book too?
        I suppose the idea was for the charges to be slid into position from the sides along spokes, instead of dropped one at the time?

        • Anonymous

          > That is the largest (serious) lenticular concept I’ve seen,

          It’s not all that big.

          > The largest pulse concept was the hemispherical deep space starship many tens of kilometers wide

          No, it wasn’t. The Worldships were bigger.

  • se jones
  • Siergen

    I’m looking forward to it. As for publishing costs, have you considered a Kickstarter to help defray those?

    • Anonymous

      I have. However, a Kickstarter will have to wait until I have given up on conventional publishers.

  • Andres

    I would pay gladly $100 for a pdf edition. i am almost blind, paper editions are lovely but a very big inconvenience to me.

  • Nick P.

    For this?

    Let me officially state:


    I don’t get that urge very often.

  • Phil

    You had a blog post with Gilbert Gottfried reading from 50 Shades of Grey. You said that you hadn’t been curious about the book because so far as you were aware, nuclear pulse propulsion and Cthulhu don’t make an appearance. For some reason, I think the interplanetary model (the one just above the flying saucer) looks like Cthulhu.

  • Vaughn Patania

    Yay love to see the progress!