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From the Jay Miller archive, a 1964  cutaway illustration of the Boeing 733-197 supersonic transport. This was relatively low capacity compared to the later 2707 designs, being somewhat more like Concorde. I’ve seen and scanned several different versions of this, but each has been substantially flawed (this one is gray and the wingtips are out of focus… another is color, but was chopped in half to fit in a proposal, etc.). If anyone might happen to have a high-rez, clear color version, I’d love to see it.

sst 733

See HERE for more on the 733-197.

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  • se jones

    Speaking of SSTs, I see that “Quieting the Boom: The Shaped Sonic Boom Demonstrator and the Quest for Quiet Supersonic Flight” is available now as a free download, the link is below if anyone is interested. The book has lots of good images, drawings, history and an overview of contemporary research.