Jan 292014

Conservative website shuttered after libel ruling

In short: Free Dominion, the Canadian counterpart to the formerly great Free Republic political discussion forum, has been shut down because a few commenters said something (hard to tell what) negative about a “human rights” lawyer.

Strictly speaking, the Canadian judicial system has not shut the website down. However, what they *have* done is made a ruling that if any of the supposed libelous statements are repeated on Free Dominion, the owners of the site will be *jailed.* How do you prevent, say, an American leftist from signing up, posting the statements, taking a screenshot of the post they themselves just made, sending it to the Canucops, and having you arrested? You can’t, that’s how, unless to shut the place down.

So, congratulations, Canada, on your innovative new ways to censor political speech you don’t agree with.

An Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for an appeal.

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  • allen

    simple solution. sell the domain name to an american for $1. this american runs the website in an identical form from what it was from an american server. original owners tell judge “this site is no longer under our control. can we go now?”

    post away. good luck getting canadian law to go after the new owner, unless they’re stupid enough to travel to canada.

  • BrainDrainXP

    Not so simple solution, as libel is libel. Warman is an Human Rights Crusader with a populist bully pulpit, and sadly is also a Royal Canadian Navy Reserve lawyer.


    I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to resist clothes lining him as he rides his bike past me to work.

    • allen

      if they’re no longer running the website, and it’s actually in another country, they are no longer responsible for it. if they’re no longer responsible for it, they can’t be jailed for the content in it.

      the canadian judge can try to place whatever ruling he wants on a now-american website, and we can tell him to go pound sand.

  • http://www.richardwarman.ca/

    No one should ever doxx anyone.

  • se jones

    From : Foreigners Around the World by P.J. O’Rourke

    Racial Characteristics:
    Hard to tell a Canadian from an extremely boring regular white person unless he’s dressed to go outdoors. Very little is known of the Canadian country since it is rarely visited by anyone but the Queen and illiterate sport fishermen. It is thought to resemble a sort of arctic Nebraska. It’s reported that Canadians keep pet French people. If true, this is their only interesting trait. At any rate, they are apparently able to train Frenchmen to play hockey, which is more than any European has ever been able to do.

    Good Points:
    Still have plenty of Indians to abuse.

    Proper Forms of Address:
    Bud, mac, mister, hey you.

    • Edohiguma

      This has been confirmed to be true by a Canadian friend of mine.

  • Adam Holtz

    Scott, I find it increasingly hard to believe that you ever found Canada to be “cool” considering their “Free Healthcare” fiasco was implemented across all of their provinces before you were even born.

    • Edohiguma

      Depends on what part of Canada. It’s like with France or Germany, really. There are great parts with people who have common sense. And then there are the big cities with all the libtards.

      Let’s say you go to Saskatoon and say you totally love the mayor of Toronto and think Quebec is awesome.

      They will tar and feather you.