Jan 292014

Barack Obama’s high school cannabis dealer beaten to death by gay lover in argument over FLATULENCE

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  • publiusr

    The anti-drug war folks will have a field day over this, that’s the sad thing. I used to love the olf 21st Century Science & Technology magazine, but it had anti-pot articles in it–what you can expect from LaRouche.
    Never smoked the stuff myself. This was a missed opportunity for conservatives. Had Bush pardoned all non-violent drug offences, or had Romney promised to do the same in the last tight election, things might be different. I think Obama may just pardon folks at the very end, but before the 2016 election cycle so Rand Paul will no longer have that issue to break votes away.
    2016 may be a bad year for NASA, with Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton trying to out-Proxmire each other who would cut space funding the most.

  • Patron Zero

    For those who remember, former Vice-President Dan Quayle (under President George HW Bush) had a personal marijuana dealer meet a less permanent fate, one Brett Kimberlin whom was arrested and charged as the notorious Speedway Bomber back in 1978.


    • Anonymous

      There are two problem with what you wrote:
      1) The Wiki link you yourself posted denied that Kimberlin sold pot to Quayle
      2) Nothing indicating that Quayle had anything to do with Kimberlin being arrested, tried and sentenced.

      The description of Kimberlin in the Wiki link is that of a lying dirtbag.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think Dan even knows what pot looks like.