Jan 172014

You know what I *don’t* think of when I think of Slovakia? Flying cars. That *may* be about to change, thanks to Aeromobil. It looks a little wobbly in the air, and it looks like it’s fabric covered, but hey, ya gotta give it ten points for style.

[youtube ow6ybXBF9AU]

Of course, there is the more developed Terrafugia, from the good ol’ US of A:

[youtube FvWbaESpHm8]

And there’s the PAL-V One, from the Netherlands:

[youtube CajAq6ndJYE]

Back to the USA, there’s the Maverick. Slower, more labor-intensive, but probably a whole lot cheaper and in many ways rugged:

[youtube 8AkUFNDeRMY]

And if you want to look a bit into the future, there *may* be the Terrafugia TF-X, a four-seat, hybrid-electric tiltrotor-car:

[youtube WUgsyYotLkQ]

Of course, if you’re like many properly-PC’ed people these days, your first thought here is going to be “Hey! These are all very western-centric! How about showing us aeronautical advances from people who don’t live under the boot heel of western civ, with its eeevvviiiil capitalism and restrictive ideas about “science” and “engineering!” Whelp, alrighty, here ya go:

[youtube PjL6xBBQ8ps]

[youtube ujU1DjaYfs4]

[youtube a-_dsNTZch0]

[youtube TWOyM9Axn-w]

[youtube ptjJnD52rEA]

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  • xvdougl

    I am constantly telling my younger coworkers about being promised flying cars! Ford, GM, Chrysler are you listening??? Making an affordable flying car can’t be that %&#$@# difficult! I would have thought by 2014 going into space would be within the reach of the common Joe. It’s not like I’m asking for it to fold up into a briefcase when I get to my destination.

  • se jones

    >>can’t be that %&#$@# difficult!
    You obviously haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with the FAA.
    For example: one word – NextGen.

  • se jones

    Oh don’t forget the Moller Skycar! Definetly the most mature and realistic design so far.

  • Bill H

    I heard this guys presentation at Oshkosh 2012 and the plans seem realistic. And the design handles the wings quite nicely. http://www.samsonmotorworks.com/switchblade

  • se jones

    And at the opposite end of the spectrum is Oscar Viñals insanely beautiful Sky Whale:

    • Anonymous

      > insanely beautiful Sky Whale

      I’d agree with the “insane” part, but “Beautiful?” I don’t see it. It has no engineering rationale, which is strike one against beauty. It has structures done specifically for the purpose of “lookit, kewl!” which is strike two. Checkmate!

  • se jones

    Hey – made ya look.

    • Anonymous

      So endeth the trick.

  • xvdougl

    I know this blog entry is old but have any hope for this?


    I know we’ve been hearing about 10 years to a flying car for nearly a century but Airbus is hardly your average garage band trying to pull this off.