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[youtube U71xF9fnBG8]

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  • Anonymous

    I see industrial conditions in Russia have not improved since the first Five Year Plan. Oh, a correction. These guys weren’t shot for running out of the path of molten steel advancing on them.

    • Anonymous

      Generally speaking,Russian metallurgists‎ are very good. It looked like they had a leaky containment vessel, and were holding it over some spares on the floor. It was about to overflow, and then some kid hit a wrong switch, causing a vat that was still pouring to move along the tracks by mistake evidently. Either that, or they were trying to get it outside as quickly as possible.
      I still want to know the backstory as to how titanium for the A-12 SR-71 made it out of Russia…the late Seymour Bogdonoff might have had some answers to that.–his is one of the names you hear occasionally in aerospace, like Sega Zuppero, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Shell company.

  • Anonymous

    “Clean up on aisle 5.”

  • se jones

    Industrial Russia.

    I can never pass an opportunity to promote two of my favorite women in the world and their courageous, typical bad-ass Russian, ultra talented, photographic awesomeness.

    Elena’s ride through Chernobyl on her ZX1100: (yes – Chernobyl)

    Lana Sator’s abandoned industrial sites.
    (Lana’s nighttime break-in photo shoot of the massive NPO Energomash site is EPIC)

  • se jones

    Chilling quote on Elena’s new Ukraine site:

    “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

    (one word: Acorn)

    I feel like I have a vested interest in The Ukraine now that I’m sending my hard earned American dollars there for Amodel kits.

  • Bill Higgins

    About 1:57, I think I heard somebody blame the accident on Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Something about “obamarama.”

      What impresses me is how little freaking-out is occurring. “Oh, this again. ‘spose I better get some photos…”

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry. Us “thinkers” know who’s fault it really was – George Bush’s of course.