Dec 292013


[youtube A4QcyW-qTUg]

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  • Bill H

    Very cool. A problem: I use my IPAD to view your blog. Recently, all of the video links (embedded video, youtube direkt) no longer appear on the main blog page. they are all just blank. No outline either. But if I go to the Comments page (like this) for an individual page, they will appear and work. This is the case in the Safari browser.

    Using Chrome, it “pretty much” works normally and the links appear and work on the main blog pages. In a few cases it does not, like the 2013 astronomy pics. If you want me to check any specific ones to aid your troubleshooting, let me know. Love the blog.

  • publiusr

    I remember seeing this on Brain Games recently–only it was a dragon there. My lady friend can’t even stand to look at the tiny dino fogures I have on the counter–their jaws agape…I can’t imagine how much this would creep her out.
    There is so much evolutionary programming-baggage we carry around. So help me, if I had my own Moonbase and no law could reach me, I would try every genetic mod possible to rid our species of all that. There might be a few rejects along the way–but over the long run Homo Technicus would be all the better for it
    Signed, W.M Weyland

  • WANT!

  • Anonymous

    Good thing nobody came up with this during the Middle Ages. Would have gotten them burned at the stake. 🙂