Dec 272013

On the 24th, I started feeling indefinably “off.” The 25th was a nightmare of coughing and fever; the 26th was even worse coughing and uncontrollable shivering. Today the coughing continues but the temperature issue seems to have settled down, but since I can only breathe *real* shallow, I have all the energy of a used D-cell. Did manage to drag myself to the doctor and, yup, bronchitis again.


And thus the lack of blogging recently.

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  • Jon Risque

    Everyone here has the same thing, so do I, it came on strong on the 24th, a 102 degree fever, coughing… This time its strange, it seems a whole bunch of people outside the facility have the same thing..

    • Siergen

      Hmm, maybe a space-born virus seeded into the upper atmosphere by some passing celestial body that was recently vaporized. Where did that comet run off to anyhow? 😉

      Hope you all feel better soon, and that you don’t breathe in my direction until you are…

  • Rick

    I got this two weeks before Christmas. Picked it up from a coworker who spent Thanksgiving in San Diego with her relatives whose kids had it. then my wife got it. two weeks from “playing an extra in the plague scenes of ‘the Walking Dead'” until complete recovery.