Dec 262013

From the glory days of aerospace illustration, the B2707-200 supersonic transport. The full-rez illustration is a thing to behold!

boeing 2707-200 cutaway

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  • kbob42

    I noticed on the Wheel of Time that the flight attendants were wearing bubble helmets…

  • Phil

    Awesomeness is the word.

  • Herp McDerp

    Was the Boeing design a “droop-snoot” like the Concorde?

    • B-Sabre

      The Boeing bird had a double jointed snoot, so the pointy bit stayed parallel to the airflow.

      • Chris Jones

        I wonder why they did that. Dropping the nose was supposed to improve visibility for landing, and raising the forward end of the drooped nose would seem to interfere with that. Plus you need two sets of actuators instead of one, and the Boeing SST was suffering from weight issues (so much so that their final design ditched the swing wings for a tapered delta wing similar to the two built designs for an SST, not to mention the Lockheed competitor they beat).