Dec 102013

Here’s another mashup of ISS footage with pre-existing music. Compare to “All Alone In The Night.” I think you’ll see the importance of picking the *right* music. While “AAITK” did not use space-specific music, it freakin’ worked. This, on the other hand, uses music that is specifically space related, and it’s just not blowing my skirts up. Which is kinda weird, because I really loved “Moonraker” back in the day. Which itself is pretty weird, because even as a nine-year-old, I watched the space scenes with the knowledge that “this just ain’t right.” Still… this is what the seventies had to give us. The sixties – the early parts of it, at least – gave the world the 1964 Worlds Fair and Futurama and a vision of a spectacular technologically awesome tomorrow; the seventies gave us… well, Moonraker. Sure, Star Wars too, but that was explicitly *not* our future.


[youtube wS1ksHh3P88]

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