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As an update to Side roads on the way from 1968 to 2001: 5a, I just got a used second edition of the book “2001: Filming the Future.” It has a few more photos than the more readily available 1st edition. One of those photos shows the cars used in that in-flight movie… the GM Runabout and the Firebird IV. Since *both* of those cars – or more likely, mockups – were on-set, it’s fair to suggest that the GM-X was as well. And the second, blurry vehicle, briefly seen in a few frames? On further review, what I thought might be the “Deora” truck looks like it might’ve been the GM-X. The left, which I thought was the front of the Deora, might be the rear of the GM-X. The GM-X had something of a concave rear surface, and a forward fender that was bowed upwards and formed a long low “bump.”


bump 198665a

So… maybe


If someone reading along happens to have a Blu-Ray of 2001 and the ability to make good screenshots, that might be handy. Hint, hint.


UPDATE to the update: read the comments. There is a good case to be made that the Blurmobile is actually the Mako Shark concept car.

Well, with a single Blu-Ray screenshot, the answer is pretty clear. Three cars on visible on screen at once: the Mako Shark, the Runabout and the Firebird IV:


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  • packard400

    I also have the second edition of “2001: Filming the Future”. One of the cars that they also

    used was the “Mako Shark I”. The blurry screen capture seems to show a dark blue car
    with a lighter colored lover body and fender bulges in front and back. This matches the
    “Mako Shark I” perfectly.

    • Anonymous

      What page is that on, if you recall?

    • Anonymous

      Whoops. I took my glasses off and looked more closely at the photo in the 2nd edition… and by Odin, there’s the Mako, way in the background, big as life and twice as unaffordable. So… yeah, chances are fair that the blurry blob might well be the Mako.

    • publiusr

      The bluured image almost lookes like a flatbed tow truck headed in the other direction–seen with the other vehicles–it stands out as the Mako. It amazes me how some folks can look at radar blobs and tell what they are, Dino Bruglioni style.
      The pixelation omits the front glass of the Mako, making it look like a tow truck heading the other way. At first glance, I would have sworn that it was a truck.

  • George Allegrezza
  • Michel Van

    I got the Blu Ray and take a look
    sadly i can’t not see if this a Mako Shark I, but is certainly not a GM-X !
    The Car who is show it’s rear end, has Feature of a Mako Shark
    the GM runabout got four wheels
    on the third car of far right could be a Deora
    the “Dashboard” in scene were couple talks is unknown to me.

    I read “2001: Filming the Future”, but i not found the Mako Shark I remark.
    whoever if found interesting notes:

    the 1964 Worlds Fair was visit by Kubrick, so he must seen the cars form the 5a post

    George Mueller from NASA MSFC visit the studio were Kubrick was making 2001
    Mueller label it: NASA East

    the production Paperwork on Hardware were size of “20 heavy truckloads” page 97

    British Hawker Siddeley aircraft company produced Pod interior and instruments, Page 98
    Contracted for Communication system, video, radar, navigation, control systems, attitude and orbit, remote manipulators, instruments layout, advice on shape of various structural
    features as Antennas, propulsion and control jets and hatch and docking system…

    that is not US space program, that’s a very British one 😉

    By the way
    do you know this Blog about 2001

    it’s in english and Italian and feature allot footage behind the scene.

  • Michel Van

    i found on Douglas Trumbull home page a list of 2001 photos
    including this picture

    • George Allegrezza

      That’s the Firebird IV.