Nov 292013

An early 1970’s Lockheed concept for a fully reusable shuttle. Shown here is the orbiter, derived from the earlier STAR Clipper concept… but bigger and without the V-tank. The system used a reusable flyback booster for the first stage. Far more information is available on this and related concepts in Aerospace Projects Review issue V3N2 and V3N2 Addendum, available HERE.

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  • Phil

    If I recall correctly, some years ago Dennis Jenkins gave an interview to Quest magazine in which he stated the Star Clipper was his favorite of the shuttle designs because it could have been converted from its partially reusable design to a fully reusable configuration at some point.

  • Chris Jones

    I’ve seen a number of designs that posit LH2 and LO2 propellants being used days (months even, in the case of at least one proposed Mars mission), but I can’t think of any actual missions that have done so (I’m not counting fuel cells, which have been used on missions of slightly more than 2 weeks, but no more). I see only those propellants on this shuttle, no hypergolics, which makes me a little doubtful of its practicality (thought this is certainly something that could have been modified early enough in development).

  • Anonymous

    V3N2 Addendum??