Nov 292013

Raedthinn and Fingers, at the window:


Yes, and that’s Raedthinn showing Fingers some attention and, perhaps, affection. As I’ve said before, it’s never wise to anthropomorphize critters, even cats, but it’s hard to shrug off the feeling that Fingers *loves* Raedthinn. Especially when, after times like this when he’s affectionate with her, she looks like this:


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  • TheRequimen

    I only have one cat. :/

    • Anonymous

      Depending on the cat, that may or may not be as he/she wants it. If Raedthinn was alone here, it would suit him fine. If Fingers was to be sans Raedthinn, I’m pretty sure she’d be a seriously sad cat. Buttons and Speedbump would be lonely.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Radethinn is one seriously large cat. Had one like that of my own back in the college years. Constantine, who conquered by the claw.

    • Anonymous

      And he started so small…

  • Phil